Triops already lived 220 million years ago and are thus the oldest still living animal species

Start the breeding tank

If the main pool is already in operation for about one week, the trioprobe can be set.

To do this, proceed as follows:

1. Thoroughly rinse the breeding basin (1 - 5 liters) with water. Never use any detergent! Really only wash with water!

2. Spread the prepared breeding batch into the breeding tank which has not yet been filled with water. To prepare the batch, put it one day before in the freezer and leave it for about 12 hours or longer. Afterwards, it is conducive to the hatching rate, after which it can be placed in a warm place for about 2 hours. (The preparation is not absolutely necessary, but enormously increases the hatching rate of the eggs.)


3. Now the water (best distilled water) is poured over it.

Triops-Aufzuchtbecken Triops-Aufzuchtbecken

4. Now the breeding pool is placed in the main pool, so that the temperature in the breeding pool constantly takes that of the main basin and can be illuminated more easily.

Triops-Aufzuchtbecken Triops-Aufzuchtbecken


In the next 22 - 60 hours the first Nauplien should hatch. Sometimes it also takes up to 2 weeks.

How it goes on, you find under  "Triops-farming"

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