Triops already lived 220 million years ago and are thus the oldest still living animal species

Install and set up the main pool

Approximately One week before the start of the trip, I recommend setting up the main pool, setting up the equipment and running the pool. After 2 weeks, the pool has run in, which means that there are enough bacteria that can decompose the pollutants generated by triops. Since the Triops should be left in the rearing pool for at least one week, the main pool has been used to move the Triops in time.

Here's how you do it:

1. Find a suitable place, where not too much sun is shining, but if no extra lighting is used it is necessary to pay attention to the sun's rays. Otherwise, much less to no Nauplien hatch.

2. If the appropriate location is found, the sand must be washed several times, and then placed in the empty aquarium. For washing the sand, a bucket is recommended, in which you pour the sand into the water and then fill in the water. The sand is then beautifully thickened and the cloudy water poured. This is repeated until the water is no longer very cloudy with this action.


3. Now the heating rod and the filter can be inserted. (You can do this after the filling.)

Triops-Heizstab Triops-Luftheber

4. Now it is so far, that the water can be filled. However only about 3/4, as still space for possible decoration should be present.


5. When the basin is filled so far, the plants and the decoration can be used in the aquarium. Please ensure that decorative objects are placed on the aquarium glass so that triopuls are not crushed during their buildup action. A thermometer can also be used.


6. The technology, such as heating rod, pump and lighting, can now be connected to the socket.

Triops-Becken Triopsbecken

Now it is only waiting :) In 2 weeks the basin is retracted and ready for the triops. In a week you can already set the triops approach. see here

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