Triops already lived 220 million years ago and are thus the oldest still living animal species

Pure-eggs or sand approaches?

Triops-Eier Triops-Ansatz

Basically, I recommend the approaches where the eggs are mixed with sand.
In these approaches there is already some food and nutrients, so that the freshly hatched Nauplien do not starve. They also contain bacteria from the last pool (where they were bred), which have encapsulated and are now able to perform their work again. They remove pollutants. Since there are not many bacteria, their effect is only limited, but better than none.

If you have the water and the feed broiler in the first few days under control, so is already more experienced, you can also use pure eggs.

However, these are usually more expensive since it is expensive to separate these eggs from the sand. When carrying out specific experiments on e.g. Hatching, etc., the Pure Eggs are recommended, as you know exactly how many eggs you have set.

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