Triops already lived 220 million years ago and are thus the oldest still living animal species

Triops australiensis



Triops australiensis (queensland)

As the name says it comes from Australia and needs it also warm. At temperatures of 24 - 32 ° C, a heating rod is highly recommended, except in the summer.

They look quite similar to the Triops longicaudatus and are gray-silver with a light greenish-brown to the olive-colored.

The size is 6 - 10 cm.

Due to the high temperatures, these triops grow rapidly compared with cancriformis and longicaudatus.

It could be that the triops australiensis (queensland) is in triangle longicaudatus intermedius.


Triops australiensis australiensis

Although this is the main species of T. australiensis, it is very rarely commercially available.

They are green in color, which is unique in triops.

I have already bred this species. Here is the
Triops australiensis australiensis breeding report

Triops australiensis sakalavus

Little is known about this type, and you have almost no chance to buy it. They live only on the island of Africa: Madagascar.

This type is supposedly gonochoristic.

It is nevertheless an australiensis, because when the earth still consisted of a cohesive country, Africa and Australia were still together. This again illustrates how long this animal species already exists.

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