Triops already lived 220 million years ago and are thus the oldest still living animal species

Triops granarius

Triops granarius granarius

This species occurs from Africa through China to Japan. They colonize 3 continents (Africa, Europe, Asia) and have one of the largest dissemination areas of all types of triops. They are 6 - 10 cm in size and prefer temperatures from 20 - 26 ° C. Therefore they can be kept at room temperature.

With Triops granarius the proportion of males is much higher with 40% than with most other species. However, this is also necessary since the females of this species can only lay eggs that are unfertilised, that is, worthless. Only the males are able to fertilize the eggs of the females.

The coloration is brown, the males being darker than the females.

This is called gonochorism when males and females mix their genes for the eggs.


Triops granarius numidicus

He is the African type of Triops granarius and occurs up to China.

He is said to be quite big.
In contrast to most other types of triops, the latter must probably reproduce like T. granarius, which is why a breed is heavier than usual.
He was probably not yet or rarely bred or kept.
Sometimes there are suppliers offering Triops granarius numidicus. However, these are usually found as triops granarius granarius.


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