Triops already lived 220 million years ago and are thus the oldest still living animal species


Triops longicaudatus

Triops longicaudatus (longicaudatus)


(Much longer tail part and smaller tank)


This species occurs in South and North America and is the most bred triops species. It is e.g. Also in the Kosmos boxes.

It is not very sensitive but still needs temperatures of 20 - 28 ° C.

Its color is gray with a light yellow.

However, it can also have a mottling from light to dark and thus has a large color variety. There should also be dark brown or even black specimens, just like green ones. The origin of the triops longicaudatus probably affects the staining. The farther north of America they come, the darker the Triops and the farther south its home is, the brighter it is.

Probably the triops longicaudatus is a cross between T. newberryi and T. granarius.

It is a maximum of 6 - 9 cm.

This triops grows faster than T. cancriformis but slower than T. australiensis.

Most of the strains are hermaphroditic (self-pollinating), although some strains are also gonochoristic, so there are also males.

Here you go to Breeding report with 3 male and 5 female 

I was fortunate to have a male and a female triops longicaudatus in a mating movie:


Triops longicaudatus intermedius

It is very similar to the Triops longicaudatus longicaudatus and is almost not at all different. A distinction is quite impossible.

It is thought that the triops, which are offered commercially as triops australiensis (Queensland) are in reality Triops longicaudatus intermedius.
Again, there are many color variations from very dark to yellow, etc.

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