Triops already lived 220 million years ago and are thus the oldest still living animal species

About me

Since you already know enough about Triops, I will now give you some insights about my beginnings with triops.

The beginning

The enthusiasm for Triops began when I went to elementary school. I was then in a toy store and discovered one of these well-known experiment kits. Dinosaurs were to be seen, and a triophe in the middle. So I wanted to know, as I was a big fan of dinosaurs and still is what it is with this box. I read the explanatory back and wondered how it can be so easy to breed "dinosaurs". Moreover, I was astonished at the size of these primate crustaceans. This great "box" I had to have so immediately. With a friend of mine who, like me, was a nature lover, we discussed these "primordial animals" and built the contents of the box. But as it always is with small children he also wanted a "wonder box" and we bet, who can breed the largest triops.
From that moment on, my enthusiasm for primates was awakened. At irregular intervals, I regularly bred almost all the available types of triops.
But at some point I wanted to do more than just grow a Triops and I called "Triopszucht-Bavaria" in 2011.

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