Triops already lived 220 million years ago and are thus the oldest still living animal species

What and how much should I feed?

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Do not eat during the first 2 days after the preparation!

To ensure that the small naturos get enough in the next feeding, it is important that the breeding pool is small (1-3 L).

One or better two days after the Nauplien hatched one can feed a small algae powder. Two toothpicks are already enough. Here, the spraying technique is recommended, in which the algae powder after this "treatment" spreads nicely in the water and sinks very slowly to the ground. This ensures a relatively good intake of the nuplets.
In this case: only once a day and only a slightly heaped toothpick tip full when there are more than 4 animals. There are less than 4 animals, only a small toothpick point full. The spraying technique is also recommended here.

If from the Nauplien a small triops of approx. 4 - 5 mm has become, feed rearing feed must be fed. Here is the rule: Pro triops about 1.5 crushed crumbs per day.

If food is left the next day, it should be vacuumed carefully (not algae powder). Even if it is visible from the mold is infected, immediately suction.

If the triops is over 6 -7 mm in size, it is advisable to feed slowly protein-containing mosquito larvae or similar feed animals for fish.

Again, remove the remaining food the next day. For this purpose dried, frozen or live animals can be used. Here also 1.5 feeds per day per day are valid. The rearing feed should now be fed alternately with the feed animals. However, only the breeding stock (granulate feed) can continue to be fed.

From 1,5 - 2 cm body size you can additionally feed the power feed.

Per pestil daily. Later, when the triops is larger than 3 cm, 2-3 pellets per animal can be fed daily. If food is disdained (the food is therefore for several hours almost untouched in the basin), must be fed less. However, it is advisable not only to feed with feed, but also to frozen waterflies such as mosquito larvae. Then, of course, the use of energy feed or other feedstuffs has to be reduced!

It always applies: never feed if there is still old food in the tank. If the complete feed has been eaten, it is advisable to feed again after approx. 2 hours. From a size of 1.5 - 2 cm the following applies: Usually no more than 2 times a day (maximum 3 times with smaller rations) should be fed.

Once weekly, and even a fasting day should be introduced to avoid overfeeding.

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