Triops already lived 220 million years ago and are thus the oldest still living animal species

How important are snails?

In my opinion, snails are a really big help with triop breeding. They eat superfluous, old and even moldy food, which the triops can no longer use. The second huge advantage of snails is that the feed is converted into harmless and insoluble substances. The water is therefore not loaded by screws, but relieved.

Especially with triops, which have an extremely fast metabolism and need to eat a lot, the water is heavily loaded, because usually too much food is fed and the feed is left and collapsed and the water is strongly loaded with nitrite / nitrate. Since the water volume in the first days and weeks is minimal (1 - 5l), the water is highly endangered. That would be the safe death of the Triops. This risk is greatly minimized by the addition of screws, as described above.

However, it can be that the snails make themselves at the Nauplien to make, since these lie only on one place and something twitch. For this reason, I recommend using the snails only after 2-3 days from the Nauplios, which have moved quickly. I have once observed how a snail has sucked granulate, which was slightly larger than a Nauplie. It was so fast that a Nauplie could not flee.

So snails can really become one of your best friends in the Triops breed!

2 - 5 medium sized bubble augers should be sufficient for basins of 1-5 l.

In my 1.2l Auzuchtbecken I used mostly 3 snails.

In the main pool is best 4 - 10 snails, can also be more depending on the basin size. They will also increase.

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