Triops already lived 220 million years ago and are thus the oldest still living animal species


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On this page you will get all the information and interesting facts about the dinosaur of the present: the Triops.

This still quite unknown species is the oldest, still living animal species of the earth. They already swam about 220 million years ago in the pools, where the first dinosaurs trudged through. He has survived all that no other animal has done so long, and today, as before, is suddenly astonished at the most unreal parts of our earth.

In a short time, humanity has learned to learn and appreciate these primates in the aquarium.

I have specialized in breeding and researching mainly triops. At the moment, I try to keep and breed as many different types of triops as possible, so I can gather more and more knowledge about prehistoric crustaceans and share with you.

On the following pages you will learn everything about Triops and their attitude. The information and tips I have collected through many years of breeding experience, targeted information search and experiments.

Detailed breeding diaries of mine give you an insight into the topic and make you want to add these animals yourself.

You will get important tips and information on keeping and breeding. So that you have been well prepared if you want to lay your own triops and bring up, and the success almost nothing stands in the way.

Now it is time to leave the home and escape into the world of triops!

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