Triops already lived 220 million years ago and are thus the oldest still living animal species


Altogether, there are 10 different types of triops with different subspecies. The most common species are also offered for sale. These are the three first main types (blue). However, new species are currently being introduced or known species are being rewritten. Therefore, this species collection has not been completely clarified.

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Triops cancriformis

 Triops cancriformis cancriformis

 Triops cancriformis simplex

 Triops longicaudatus

 Triops longicaudatus longicaudatus

 Triops longicaudatus intermedius

Triops australiensis

 ("Triops australiensis queensland")

 Triops australiensis australiensis

 Triops australiensis sakalavus

Triops granarius

Triops granarius granarius

Triops granarius numidicus

Triops newberryi

Triops mauritanicus

Other species, but little is known about them:

Triops beaticus

Triops emeritensis

Triops gadensis

Triops vicentinus

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