Triops already lived 220 million years ago and are thus the oldest still living animal species

Habitat of the Triops

In "puddles" he feels comfortable

The Triops lives in temporary waters, which means that these waters exist only for a short time. These are usually caused by rainfall and flooding. In spring, when the snowmasses melt and it rains heavily, these "pools" fill up with water and the triops can slip. In the summer, the waters dry out and the laid eggs lay dry. In winter, the ground with the eggs freezes. And in the spring everything starts again. These habitats can be in the most inhospitable places. e.g. In the middle of a field or on the meadow next to the football field. Even exotic triops, from other continents, live like that, only in extreme conditions. In Australia or America, they occur in desert-like areas, which lead only briefly to Wassert. There the Triops live in waters, which have up to 40 ° C and after a certain time look more like mud chutes.
But since the triops grow extremely fast and lay eggs, while using the initially good conditions in the "puddles", they even defy these situations.

2 flooded areas in Bavaria:

                                            Dried pond:

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